The 6 Craziest Craigslist Missed Connections

Life is saturated in disappearing moments and effervescent opportunities.

Should you ask any highschool economics instructor, they will show we are constantly creating alternatives with an opportunity cost, therefore for each choice you create, you give up having produced various other decision.

Craigslist knows this, ergo their particular forlorn portion of chance destroyed: Missed Connections. It is the spot where the shy congregate to bemoan perhaps not having an opportunity once they met with the opportunity to or having never been able to.

The wish is the small portion of this site is their own lottery citation to get back whatever’d lost. On the informal viewer, a lot of those minutes captured by their particular love-lost writers can be better than every one of the other people.

Here are the leading 6 Craigslist missed connections.

6. Remember the Alamo… or burrito

Remember the Alamo... or burrito

Getting through the Southwest, there clearly was a bit more we appreciate than a well-made, delicious burrito. But to enjoy and lose a burrito place? Cannot imagine that heartbreak.

5.  Frantically seeking stink breath

Desperately seeking stink breath

We compose matchmaking pages continuously, plus it looks males with stink air fly within the radar much too usually.

I am hoping this lady can possibly get a greyhound and sniff him completely. Or possibly he is attending stink breath anonymous group meetings?

4. Cray-cray like a Carrie Underwood track 

Cray-cray like a Carrie Underwood song

I’m hoping outrage administration class provides composing skillz reason this girl has another inside penned term.

P.S. As a white gurl known as Gina, i recently desire to be clear the atmosphere that I’m not one other girl within story book. Any wagers on whether this 1 lasts?

3.  Horny mourning

Horny mourning

Yet again Craigslist proves issues believed had been restricted to funny moments from “wedding ceremony Crashers” really do happen in Kansas City. I’d like to fulfill them at a cocktail celebration and have how they met.

2. Boy meets girl. She poops on his automobile. Gladly previously after.

Boy meets girl. She poops on his vehicle. Joyfully actually ever after.

Is this not a contemporary Cinderella story? I am talking about, she even kept her shoe… and feces, that I think has some DNA properties to streamline his search!

1.Ted’s actual tale of “the way I Met Your Mother”

Had to include this sweet one. If Nicholas Sparks ruled worldarms spread wide, we would be witnessing this delighted ending regarding the big screen staring Selena Gomez in 2 many years.

Ted’s real story of "How I Met Your Mother"

We’ve all wondered what might have been. Have people previously put a Missed relationship offer to attempt to replace your missing moment with special someone? Features anybody previously found their particular individual through Missed Connections?

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