Best Cloud Backup Solutions for 2023

Often it is possible to increase the free backup limit through coupons, referrals, or other means that are not included in this column. This column also does not include free trials that are only available for a limited period of time. And most importantly is that it allows for unlimited data on some plans.

cloud backup services

Told by support to send in 10 TB drive and order 20 TB Express Drive referencing technical support notes on ticket. “You have to upgrade to 20 TB storage to get a 20 TB drive.” Cloud-backup services aren’t the same as online-syncing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive.

Does the service issue security updates and have some sort of vulnerability disclosure program?

The HYCU product implements backup and restore capabilities. PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager helps users orchestrate and manage the native snapshot features of public cloud to protect virtual instances and applications. PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager is integrated with Data Domain Virtual Edition and gives users the ability to store and deduplicate backup data in the public cloud. Barracuda physical and virtual appliances can use cloud as a backup target. Barracuda once focused its offerings on on-premises data protection and recovery, but it now provides cloud-to-cloud backup capabilities in addition to its other backup offerings.

cloud backup services

Prepay for one year at $99 to bring that down to $8.25 /month. You can add computers for $9.95 per computer, up to three extras for a total of four. Unlimited devices and users are supported, so this is great for families where everyone needs backup space.

Plug-in software support

The cheapest Carbonite plan is $84 a year for unlimited storage for one computer, but it lacks external storage drive support and requires you to manually upload large files. On top of that, although Carbonite’s Windows software is as easy to use as Backblaze’s, the Mac version is visually outdated, buggy, and lacks the same features as its Windows counterpart. Annoyingly, using a private encryption key is limited to Windows.

cloud backup services

Cloud backup solutions provide users with a high level of security, which enables organizations to safeguard their data from hackers and malware. They encrypt data both while it is being transferred and while it is being stored. This keeps the data from being accessed and read by those who are not authorized to do so.


Acronis Cyber Protect — formerly Acronis Backup or Acronis Cyber Backup — offers data protection across more than 20 platforms. Acronis Cyber Protect integrates cybersecurity and management capabilities and helps to streamline data protection. Please let us know if we missed an online backup service and you’d like to see it reviewed and included above. The plan costs $.10/GB for what you use, with a minimum of $20 a month after your 14-day free trial.

  • Cloud backup solutions also allow you to restore instantly, which you can’t easily do with an on-premise backup.
  • Note that Jottacloud only provides pricing in euros, so these numbers are approximate.
  • Nextiva makes sure all of your business data files are encrypted and securely transferred to the cloud .
  • If you need more space than that, you can go up to “unlimited” by contacting their sales team.
  • Do you agree with our choice of IDrive as the overall winner, or do you think the lack of unlimited or monthly plans should disqualify it from the top spot?

This was for going over the limit, instead of just blocking the backup. They make their money by having the most unbelievably crooked business model. Rather pay a bit extra – you go over your limit with them and you’ll get charged thousands of dollars WITHOUT ANY NOTICE!!! Multiple machines are supported on a single account, but there’s no volume discount — each additional machine costs as much as the first. And Carbonite’s appealing mobile apps are no longer available, with the company giving no timetable for their return. Backblaze is the easiest cloud storage solution to use — just set it and forget it.

Arq Premium

Only one party knows the encrypted data’s passphrase – you. Availability for all your cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Quickly achieve fast, flexible and reliable backup, archival, recovery and replication.

cloud backup services

Dropbox and OneDrive are also supported.Besides, you can use the backup software to merge your paid idle storage into a larger backup space to protect your important data. If you’re particularly concerned about cybersecurity and want some extra protection from ransomware and other threats, cloud backup services Acronis is a great cloud backup alternative. For example, are you backing up a Mac or Windows computer? Or are you looking to back up a Linux or mobile device, which limits your options? Furthermore, do you want to back up your mobile device and online accounts like your email or OneDrive?

Why Use the Cloud to Store Your Business Data

A one-year prepayment of any of the plans mentioned above will save you a little over the listed prices. Everyone starts out with a trial run account that lasts 21 days. You can then select the 150 GB,400 GB,2 TB, or 5 TBplan for $6 /month, $11 /month, $14 /month, or $29 /month, respectively. We love any company that puts the effort they did into their support, tutorial, and FAQ pages.

Cloud Backup Services for Business Market Research Report 2023 … – KaleidoScot

Cloud Backup Services for Business Market Research Report 2023 ….

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